Ocwen Federal Bank and the Quadrature of the Circle
Each a Fraud

© By: Joseph Dale Robertson – Houston - July 2003 | Published with permission on 2/27/14 - MSFraud.org 

(Editor's Note: This article was sent to us in 2003, but we were asked to keep it confidential until today.)
The Quadrature of the Circle, sometimes called squaring the circle, is an ancient mathematical problem, and indeed an enduring puzzle, which in modern times has been revealed to both be a geometrically insoluble puzzle and an intellectual fraud. On the other hand, and much more specifically, those of us who have experienced the mortgage practices of Ocwen Federal Bank, in light of that experience and by their commercial conduct, know that by their own conduct, Ocwen Federal Bank is a modern commercial fraud. How are these two seemingly disparate events connected? An explanation of the direct connection of the two frauds follows.

The ancient Greeks recognized three enduring puzzles; among them was the quadrature of the circle. By quadrature of the circle it is meant to define the area of a square in a plane given the area of a circle using only dividers and a straight edge. It is a plane geometry puzzle - an insoluble enigma - which has enraptured, perplexed and eluded the finest mathematical minds of both the ancient and modern worlds. Only in modern times – in the last 120 years or so - has the problem been proven to be, in mathematical fact, absolutely insoluble. This unarguable fact was proven to be so because the Greek mathematical term “pi” is now recognized to be a transcendental number, an unending string of decimals, incapable of being reduced to a common fraction and thus lacks the rational qualities of any finite number capable of being defined by ordinary mathematical functions. 

Because of this modern poof as to the impossibility of “squaring the circle” in the Euclidian plane geometric sense, the impossibility of the ancient problem is now recognized to be a farce, a fraud and an intellectual red herring. References to “squaring the circle” are today engulfed with overtones of deceit and misrepresentation. In fact for several hundred years, serious observers have referenced the farcical efforts of others engaged in some whimsically impossible endeavor with a sardonic and insulting reference to those who would try to “square the circle”. The analogy is much in the same linguistic sense as we today would make the sarcastic analogy to someone trying to “jump over the moon”. In short, the ancient mathematical puzzle which occupied the finest minds throughout history has been reveled and is today recognized as being the fraud that it intellectually is.

The analogy to Ocwen Federal Bank, indeed the direct connection, is utterly without question since the very letterhead logo of Ocwen under which all of its fraud takes place is the very mathematical depiction of the quadrature of the circle explained above. To repeat; quadrature of the circle has, since ancient time, been known as an insoluble enigma, and in recent times that folly of any attempt at “squaring the circle” has come to be recognized as an intellectual fraud. The mathematical fraud known as the “quadrature of the circle” has for more than two millennia been graphically depicted as a circle within a square – the given circle being a solid line, while the surrounding square being implied and thus is depicted as a dotted line. Ocwen’s letterhead and company logo is a circle within a square with the square depicted as a dotted line – the exact same graphic depiction of the insoluble mathematical fraud known as the quadrature of the circle. They both are one and the same graphic depiction. Symbolically, Ocwen has from its inception adopted a logo which depicts geometric fraud. 

Whoever designed Ocwen’s letterhead logo had in mind the enduring and insoluble mathematical and enigmatic fraud arising from the bowels of antiquity which only in modern times has been revealed to be, in fact, a fraud. To dismiss the simile as coincidence is utterly beyond the pale of reason; it cannot be given rational countenance. From the exact replication of the ancient fraud and the resulting simile, indeed adoption by Ocwen, it can be reasonably concluded that Ocwen’s founders intentionally employed their logo to condescendingly and arrogantly embrace fraud as a fixture of the company’s founding principles as symbolized through its company logo. Its like they are condescendingly laughing at their customers for their stupidity in not being able to figure out the puzzle that is depicted in their logo and which their actual commercial fraud presents. Ocwen has repeatedly demonstrated that they in fact are and have been since their conceptual creation, even from the earliest days of Ocwen’s formation and logo design, a commercial fraud – albeit, apparently thus far, a very profitable fraud. 

Having started with a company symbol which today is so representative of fraud, Ocwen Federal Bank has set out from its very beginning to exercise its federal banking charter in fraud and has thus displayed for any who cares to look closely enough to see a fraud ipso facto – from its very beginning. The equation is now completely in balance – Ocwen Federal Bank and the Quadrature of the Circle are now both equated to an insoluble puzzle and a fraud. 

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