George Mantor is running for the Assessor/Recorder/Clerk of San Diego County, California. George agrees with all of us, writing in his earlier piece that "The integrity of land title records and the rights of the consuming public now hang in the balance. Itís time to occupy the Recorders office. We need to identify and develop our own candidates to challenge bank-owned incumbents."

George's March 1, 2014 Update: Well, we have our foot in the door. Yesterday I went to the County Registrar of Voters, paid my $1991.39 filing fee and pulled my nomination papers. Yeah!!!

Between now and Thursday I need 40 signatures of registered voters in San Diego County.

If you are going to be seeing a few people in the next couple of days I can scan a nomination form and email it to you but I need the original signatures.

If someone isnít registered to vote it only takes a minute on-line.

Iíll be gathering signatures and can probably do this on my own.

The next challenge is to get my statement of qualifications on the ballot. Itís only 200 words but every voter gets a copy of it and I believe most will make their choice by comparing the candidateís statements.

We have to walk a fine line because you cannot mention the other candidates in the statement.

I have attached what I am intending to submit.

The cost is $6,550 but the election might be won or lost based on this alone. If we want to win, we have to have our case on the ballot.

I have loaned the campaign $2200 to cover the filing fee. So we are in the race. But if we donít get on the ballot Iím not sure we have much of a shot. I need serious donations now. Yes, you can make a loan as I did.

The majority of you who are receiving this have been affected in one way or another by the numerous and far flung crimes of the banks. I have spoken with many of you and assisted where I could. Your stories are what are driving me to do this; to find the backdoor to the system and break-in. Weíll Iím in. Now letís do this thing.

I need help. Iím the guy on the front line who will be taking the pounding of the campaign. No one stepped up to be Treasurer so Iím doing that as well. No one stepped up to be campaign manager, so guess what? Me again.

But right now, right at this moment I need checks, not cash, cashierís checks, or money orders but checks for a maximum of $700 made out exactly as follows:

Mantor for Assessor/Recorder/County Clerkónot to me personally.

Mail to: 1611A South Melrose Drive, #134, Vista, CA 92081

I am required to report name, address, and occupation. Anonymous donations cannot be accepted.

Iíve done my part, now itís your turn to support what little democratic freedom we have leftÖvoting for someone who isnít a pawn of the system.

George W. Mantor
The Real Estate Professor
Founder, American Foreclosure Resistance Movement

Ballot Statement

San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk
George W. MantoróAuthor/Educator/Businessperson

No more dirty deeds. No more clouded titles. It is time for real leadership. 

The system has become infected with MERS; a bank owned and operated alternative title registry system that has never been authorized by anyone.

As a result, the county has lost millions of dollars in recording fees as banks hid transfers from the public by recording them only in their private registry. 

Many property owners unknowingly have hopelessly clouded titles. Citizens have lost their right to due process as courts turn a blind-eye to these forgeries.

Stand with me to protect the reliability of our cherished land title records, restore transparency to the recording process and recover lost revenue.

It takes courage to stand-up to this outrage and I am well suited to the job. 

For thirty-five years I have utilized recorded documents and assessed property values for property owners.

Over the past eight years I have assisted people all over the country in their fights against illegal foreclosure and I am highly experienced at identifying fraudulent documents that are used for those purposes.

If you want clean titles and reliable recordings vote Mantor for no more dirty deeds.

Mantor for Assessor/Recorder/Clerk of San Diego County

George Mantor | February 2014: If you have an interest in real estate, global finance, or fraudclosure then you may already be familiar with my work. I have written possibly hundreds of articles during my 35 year career in real estate.

Over the last few years, I have assisted families all across the country in developing strategies to avoid foreclosure and remain in their homes. I never accepted a single penny for this work.

During that same period, numerous banksta entities have agreed to pay billions in fines and restitution to victims, and promised to cease forging and recording fraudulent documents.

No one can still argue that there hasnít been a giant rip-off of millions of homeowners, many of whom never missed a payment until they were targeted to fulfill the default quota to collect on the insurance and stiff the investors. Sometimes they seize the home, sometimes not; it doesnít really matter to them.

Despite the fact that everyone knows, despite the fact that they signed consent decrees promising not to steal homes, they go right on doing it.

Where is law enforcement, the Attorneys General, the regulators? They all know - but they only prosecute the least significant offenders.

Foreclosures spiked 57% in California last month. How many of those were illegal? Most, if not all.

An audit of San Francisco County revealed one or more irregularities in 99% of the subject loans. In 84% of the loans, there appear to be one or more clear violations of law.

Fortune examined the foreclosures filed in two New York counties (Westchester and the Bronx) between 2006 and 2010. There were130 cases where the Bank of New York was foreclosing on behalf of a Countrywide mortgage-backed security. In 104 of those cases, the loan was originally made by Countrywide; the other 26 were made by other banks and sold to Countrywide for securitization.

None of the 104 Countrywide loans were endorsed by Countrywide Ė they included only the original borrower's signature. Two-thirds of the loans made by other banks also lacked bank endorsements. The other third were endorsed either directly on the note or on an allonge, or a rider, accompanying the note.

The lack of Countrywide endorsements, combined with the bank's representation to the court that these documents are accurate copies of the original notes, calls into question the securitization of these loans, as well as Bank of New York's right, as trustee, to foreclose on them.

These are not paperwork errors; they are evidence of a crime in progress and they are themselves criminal acts prohibited by law.

Across the country, other County Recorders have stood up to the bankstas and put a stop to filing forgeries. John OíBrien, Jeff Thigpen, and Curtis Hertel stopped accepting forged documents on behalf of the residents of their respective counties. It can be done. 

San Diego County is no different. The same banks, mortgage servicers, and foreclosure mills operate here and are doing the exact same things even to this day despite numerous settlements and consent decrees. The County Recorderís office is a crime scene, and it is a crime in progress that must be stopped.

The incumbent, Earnest Dronenburg, Jr., has allowed the system to become infected with MERS, a bank owned and operated alternative title registry system that has never been authorized by anyone. Think Wikipedia.

As a result, the county has lost millions of dollars in recording fees as banks hid transfers from the public by recording them only in their private registry. 

We now know that this allowed banks to sell the same mortgage rights over and over again, and then foreclose on the mortgage that they had already sold numerous times.

Citizens have lost their right to due process as 96% of all foreclosures go uncontested because of forged documents.

It is apparent that the County Recorderís office is a key piece in restoring justice and maintaining individual property rights.

Every time a mortgage assignment is entered into the MERS system without payment to the local County Recorder for the recordation of same, the county loses revenue and the ability to accurately track the information.

Even worse, it puts every property owner in the position of having their property seized without any due process whatsoever by someone claiming to be from MERS.

Dronenburg has allowed for fraudulent actors, and their supporters, to access the land recording system by permitting robo-signed mortgage assignments to permeate land title records.

The integrity of land title records and the rights of the consuming public now hang in the balance. Itís time to occupy the Recorders office. We need to identify and develop our own candidates to challenge bank owned incumbents.

Support My Campaign

Vote Now to bring cancer support programs to your town.I want to do it here in San Diego, but I need help. Iím highly qualified. I have been assessing property values and using title records daily since 1978, and I sure know a forged assignment or a cloud on title when I see it.

America may be free but running for office against the establishment sure isnít. The two biggest obstacles are the filing fee of $1991.39 and the Candidateís Statement of Qualifications which appears on the ballot. Two hundred words at a whopping $6,550.

However, this is probably the single best platform for this election because it gets mailed to every registered voter in the County.

This is not a high-profile office so most people will decide while marking their ballots; that is where I have the advantage over the incumbent. 

When I assume office we will immediately stop recording obviously forged documents and require those seeking to foreclose to provide a complete chain of title.

My decision to run is conditioned upon being able to raise enough money to cover the cost of the ballot statement. I need checks no later than March 1st. The maximum an individual can contribute is $700.

If you have always wondered what you could do to fight back against the corruption, now is your chance. In addition to money quickly I still need a treasurer and a campaign manager. 

This will have an impact all over the country, please help TODAY!

Make checks payable to: Mantor for Assessor/Recorder/Clerk. 
Mail to: 1611A South Melrose Drive, #134 Vista, CA 92081.

George Mantor for Assessor/Recorder/Clerk San Diego County