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January 28 ,2014

Dear Clients, Colleagues, Friends, and Family,

 On February 14, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will hear oral arguments in what may be the most significant mortgage foreclosure case since the California Court of Appeal, Fifth Appellate District, decided Glaski v Bank of America (2013) 218 CA4th 1079 last summer.

The case is Richard Geddes, et al v. HSBC Bank USA, NA, et al., Court of Appeals Docket #: 12-16550, and involves an appeal from a judgment granting the defendants' motion to dismiss by a judge in the United States District Court, District of Arizona on June 1, 2012, Case No.: 2:12-cv-00667-FJM.

The Geddes, who were wrongfully foreclosed upon and evicted from their home, need your help to cover their attorney's modest fees and costs to present their case at oral arguments.

After the Geddes' case was dismissed, they retained me to prepare an expert report which was submitted to the trial court on April 9, 2013 in support of their motion for order setting aside judgment; and therefore, it may not be a part of the record on appeal.

For a contribution of $125.00, I will send you a copy of the Geddes Report and will keep you updated on how the case progresses.

In addition, Lorraine Mary Moller (a four-time Olympian and winner of the 1984 Boston Marathon) has generously offered to support this fund-raising effort by allowing me to share the expert report I just completed on her case. Lorraine obtained a mortgage loan from Washington Mutual Bank on January 17, 2003 and was current on her mortgage payments when, on November 22, 2012, she questioned whether JPMorgan Chase had legally acquired her mortgage loan from the FDIC as Receiver for Washington Mutual.

       For anyone who wants a lesson on securitization fail; the RMBS investors repurchase demands; the cross-litigation between Deutsche Bank, the FDIC, and JPMorgan Chase Bank over Washington Mutual's mortgage loans; fraudulent assignments; robo-signing redux; the effect of servicer advances in a structured finance transaction; and ongoing violations of the heightened servicing standards required by the National Mortgage Settlement, then you will want to read the Moller Report.

For a contribution of $125.00, I will send you a copy of the Moller Report and will keep you updated on how the case progresses.   

To make your donation, please follow these simple  instructions:

Go to my website at, which you can access by clicking on the link below.

In the payment Amount box type: 125.00 or 250.00 if you want both reports.

In the payment Note box type: Geddes Report, or Moller Report, or Geddes & Moller Reports.

Press the Continue to Checkout button and you will brought to my secure payment gateway, where you can process a payment using a debit or credit card. 

Thank You for pitching in to help!  Please forward on to your friends and family.


Marie McDonnell, President & CEO
Mortgage Fraud and Forensic Analyst
Certified Fraud Examiner
McDonnell Property Analytics